Encrypted Chat Application In Python

Using Advanced Cryptography Libraries To Implement Secured & Encrypted Chat In Python


The main objective of the project is to develop a Secure Chat Application. I had taken a wide range of literature review in order to achieve all the tasks, where I came to know about some of the products that are existing in the market. I made a detailed research in that path to cover the loop holes that existing systems are facing and to eradicate them in our application. In the process of research I came to know about the latest technologies and different algorithms. I analyzed various encryption algorithms (DES, AES, IDEA…), Integrity algorithms (MD5, SHA), key-exchange algorithms, authentication and I had implemented those functionalities in my application. I had done a detailed research on Certificate Authority and key tool for the generation of certificates. The portability of the application has been achieved by using some of the latest Python technologies. I implemented these functionalities using Python security API’s. I had gone through core and security concepts of Python packages and for developing GUI I had implemented wxWidget.

As a result, the product has been successfully developed in terms of extendability, portability, and maintainability and tested in order to meet all requirements that are



Python, Security, Encryption, Cryptography, Chat


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