Android Spy Application For Remote Surveillance

Using Android Based Sypware For Remote Surveillance Of Individuals


Nowadays Android mobiles are everywhere in the world, but if we consider the area such as IT industry, Organizations, Educational, Business in these sectors all the employee with their Android mobile phones performs much activities. Every company, organization having their own policies, rules, future projects so in such cases the privacy, security and confidentiality must be maintain by the employee of the organization. So it’s very important to track their mobile phones whether they are leaking the confidential data or they are doing wrong call, wrong SMS, or crossing out the organization’s geographical area in working hours. Another thing there are so many criminal cases happening like child kidnapping so in order to avoid this all cases we need to track the location of child’s mobile. After considering all these factors we implemented the system. This system is implemented for tracking the daily activity of the users with their android mobiles. The information such as missed call, incoming call, outgoing call, call duration, incoming SMS, outgoing SMS along with its date and time will be tracked and updated to the server this server will be monitored by the administrator. This information can be maintained for security purpose of the organization such as leaking the confidential data and maintaining policies of organization



Android, Spyware, Surveillance, Security


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